A community that gets together, stays together. The easiest way to adjust to expat life in Dubai is to make friends.

What kind of events are we talking about here?

Ladies nights, play dates, coffee mornings, sponsored coffee mornings! Rest assured, we do our best to make sure there is a full calendar and something for everyone! We work hard to make them affordable and some are even free. Who doesn’t love FREE?!

Sure, you may feel a little intimidated to walk into a crowd of strangers. I did too!! But the best part of being an Expat in Dubai is there that there is hardly a single person here that isn't from somewhere else and they are mostly all looking to make connections.

So….YES LADIES…we are asking you to show up to an event, where you may not know anyone; but we promise that won’t last long. You will be welcomed by me with open arms. 

 AMD Events

Take that step! Put yourself out there!