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What are 'virtual summer camps' and are they worth it?

These are the questions we have been asking ourselves so we sat down with the best, most engaging summer camp in Dubai to get an idea for what virtual summer camp will look like.

Your camper will 'camp' with enthusiastic and engaging camp counselors in the USA that attend Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. My kids were so pumped after there time at Ivy Camps and they can not wait to join again this year, even online!

If you missed the call we recorded it and created this video so you can truly understand the Ivy Camps experience. Comment with any questions and we will get back to you ASAP!

When you book your summer camp at use code 'AMD15' for 15% off as many camps as you like!

Children's Eye Health with Dr. Kharrum of Moorfields Eye Hospital 

We sit down with Pediatric Ophthalmologist Dr. Kharrum of Moorfields Eye Hospital to ask what the effects of screen time really has on our children's eyes. She also gives us tips for times when they have to be on the screen for long periods to strengthen the eyes.

We also visit ophthalmology visits with little ones and a special offer for free Lasik consultation through the end of July 2020.

Visit Moorfields Eye Hospital Website

 AMD Asks College Counselling and College Preparedness Questions

We dive deep with Hale Education regarding what curriculum is better in Dubai and how to make sure your Children get into the best college from Dubai!

Best Ophthalmologist in Dubai

We sit down with the best ophthalmology clinic in Dubai to ask all our burning questions about eye health during a pandemic. 

AMD Mom of the Week Taylor Bodrie Paramound

Meet Americans Living in Dubai with our new Series of Interviews! 

Should I Rent? or Buy?

We sit down with experts in the industry to answer your most asked questions about real estate.

Jenny and Marlo have some fun with Carnistore

Jenny and Marlo go head to head with Dubai's best brisket! 

We announce our partnership

with Bayut!!!

We bring you the best experience that

home shopping has to offer in Dubai!

Welcome Back Breakfast with AMD

We love our community and we relish in spreading love and positivity!

AMD Thanksgiving Preparations

We gather for all the holidays so you never feel alone on the holidays.

AMD Halloween

We gather for all the holidays so you never feel alone on the holidays.