Meet the Pediatrician

Dr. Medhat

After having a successful practice in Maryland, Dr. Medhat set out to bring the same experience to the United Arab Emirates! He designed My PediaClinic with the best technology and the same feel as clinics back home. His clinic is interactive and inviting and creates an experience that relaxes out children and makes visiting the doctor fun.  From contactless vision screening and state of the art hearing testing, Dr. Medhat is prepared to  take on all of your children's health care needs from birth to 18 years of age. 

Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Yasmin Kottait

When it comes to pediatric dentistry you someone good with kids and good with teeth. But visiting the clinic in and of itself can be very intimidating, which is why we love My PediaClinic for pediatric dentistry. It is a small welcoming clinic and everyone there is approachable and fun. Dr. Yamin treats our children like we are used to and imports all of her products from the states so the whole experience is just as we expect! Please have a visit with Dr. Yasmin. She is amazing and your kids will be begging to visit the dentist!