American Moms Dubai partners with THE BEST property search portal in the UAE

Of course this is the most debated question and everyone thinks they have the answer to it however this is a very personal decision. Dubai is such a wonderful place to live and it has built the most accommodating communities. There is truly something for everyone in Dubai.  AMD has teamed up with the market leading, award winning, number one property search portal in the UAE Bayut has helped us to identify the top areas that AMD members live in and we have linked comprehensive area guides to each area. If one of these areas don't suit you you can sift through the multitude of detailed area guides that they have for all areas in the United Arab Emirates. From pictures, market trends, schools and hospitals. Bayut has laid it all out for you to make an informed decision about your move.  

Just remember that some of these areas have more than one sub community within the larger community, Springs and Arabian Ranches are prime examples of that. 

AMD really tries to make good partnerships to support the community. Feel free to message [email protected] and a Bayut representative will help you with your real estate questions. They will even send you some relevant articles to the areas you are looking to live in to help you get settled if you like.