Hey Mr. Milk Man.......

Why Does AMD Love Koita Milk?!

An American himself when Mustafa arrived to Dubai with a family full of milk guzzling children he found himself asking the same questions most of us ask.

What milk is the best for my family? 

Why is Organic Milk so Expensive? 

What the heck is long life milk?

Mustafa takes it upon himself to bring the best milk at the best price possible. A father and health guru himself he takes the time to make sure what he is serving to him family and his consumers is the best quality. 

Mustafa goes above and beyond to spread his message of community and ethical business practices to our community and so we return the favor by buying the best milk on the market! Keep an eye out for our EVENTS with Mustafa as he loves to get up in front of the ladies and tell us all about himself. We return the favor by listening and taking the amazing gift bags he brings and spreading the word about our favorite milk man! 

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